Advantages of Prefabricated Buildings with Pirazizint

Advantages of Prefabricated Buildings with Pirazizint

  • Fair price:Because of the prefabricated material, high technology and less labor force all prefabricated buildings are low cost. Especially for young investors who would like to have their own house in an early age, Modular buildings and homes provide quite reasonable prices to own the house of their dreams.
  • Rapid construction:In addition, prefabricated buildings for sale are built within a few days. Prefabricated houses are usually built by one at our integrated manufacture plants within the scope of Hekim Holding. There is therefore efficient coordination between the group of companies and we plan, build, install and fix up the construction all together at a sitting all included.
  • Green construction:Owning a prefabricated house is also a good decision in terms of environmental sustainability. Modular buildings and homes have a lower heat consumption and a enviromental friendly infrastructure. A further advantage is that prefabricated buildings can be built on a wide variety of substrates that can be  mounted on the ready-prepared concrete floor.
  • Several design options:As Piraziz International Service Solutions we are able to respond the individual requests and wishes which even seem difficult to create. Our expertised and experienced architecture and engineering staff listen to your ideas, discuss your needs and offer the best solution to meet all your demands in the optimal way.
  • Low risk assesment: Our rpefabricated houses have a lightweight construction and it decreases the risk assessment, which may manifest in the decrease in insurance costs.

And also modular buildings and homes can be massively built in recent technologies to meed the demands of all kinds of potential buyers.

Optimal Prices In Piraziz International Service Solutions

Building designs also includes a comprehensive calculation of the costs for the construction of a prefabricated building. When it is to own a good investment the cheaper option is not the best always. But the favorable price with the latest technology, wide expertise and deep experience is the most required spesification inconsructional investments.

At Pirazizint, for the most reasonable prices, we check on the feasibility of financing  at the beginning of the house of your dream. We try to do our best in planning process in a careful way so that you do not have to bear excessive financial burdens. You have sufficient equity in Piraziz International Service Solutions and you can start with the extensive house building after an attentive planning with mind at peace.


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