All You Need To Know About The Central Heating System and Boilers

All You Need To Know About The Central Heating System and Boilers

The centrale termice (central heating system) is among the must-have elements in every house. It is often hard for a person to choose what they are going to install. The central termice pe gaz (gas boilers) are usually a good pick, and many people prefer it depending on their needs and requirements. Deciding on which boiler you need can be a tough ask as many people do not know much about the options that they have available. There are three main types of boilers known as the Combi, System, and Regular boilers. Here, we will take a look at each one of them.

Combi Boilers

The combi boilers or combination boiler is a high-efficiency water and central heating system which is packed in a single compact unit. The combi boilers will heat water straight from the primary element as soon as you turn on the tap. Thus, there will not be any need of a hot water storage cylinder neither you will require a cold water storage tank. Also, they are known due to the cost-effective and energy-efficient performance, and the water you run through it will get heated instantly. Along with that, the hot water will be sent to you with the pressure coming from mains which means that you won’t need any separate pump for a powerful shower.

System Boilers

As the name states, these boilers work according to a proper system. You will be in need of a cylinder where you can store the hot water. The primary heating and water system are built in the boiler which makes it easy and quick to install. Additionally, you will not be in need of a tank which is to be placed in the loft. So, for the homes where space is little or low, these can be a fabulous pick as a central heating system.

The best part about these systems is that they are compatible with the solar water heating systems which provide incredible benefits concerning global warming and environment.

Regular Boilers

The regular boilers are also known as the traditions, conventional, and heat only boilers. These are ideal for the homes that already own a traditional heating or hot water system as usually; they have a separate hot water cylinder along with a tank which aids in the maintenance of better water levels. The regular boilers might be an excellent option for properties that have old radiator system. It is because such houses are often unable to cope with the water pressure that Combi or System boilers deliver.


So, this is all you need to know about the centrale termice (central heating system) and boilers. Do note that your requirements will determine what kind of system suits you best. There are different variations regarding how the systems work and what type of power supply they use. The popular choices include electric and centrale termice pe gaz (gas boilers). A right way is to call the expert, show him your house, ask him about what options you have and how things will work best for you.



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