Best tips for boiler maintenance to avoid boiler repair

Best tips for boiler maintenance to avoid boiler repair

How many times you see people looking up for ‘boiler repair near me’ just because they end up exhausting their boiler or somehow it is not working. It is a story that many people face, and we see them rushing for the professionals who can make the boiler work as the winter season is approaching. There are a lot of people who get into trouble just because they are too lazy and cannot take care of the maintenance part. However, you got to do something on your side to avoid those costly repairs. Here are some tips that you can follow to make sure you are not the ones that pay a hefty cost to run their out of function boilers.

Annual service

Okay, many people will now think that how a yearly service will help them out as it is something that they are going to pay for too. So, how will this be different from the repair? Well, the annual service will cost you far less than the replacement itself and make sure that the boiler lasts for a long time with its original function and works at its best. Often we see problems such as the boiler not heating accurately and there are times when it functions, but the efficiency is not up to the mark. Annual service will help you in eliminating this problem.

Bleeding radiators

If you want to do a few things on your own, the first thing for you is to bleed the radiators. When you turn the boiler on after keeping it off for all summers, you will notice that there are radiators that won’t run immediately. Moreover, it may be hot at the bottom while cold at the top. It is because there is some air in them and you can resolve the problem.

First of all, get a radiator key and grab a piece of cloth. If you find out the plastic leaking, protect it with the help of a carpet. Turn the valve anti-clockwise with the help of the key gently and just for a quarter. Put the cloth underneath, and as you are turning the valve, you will start hearing a hissing noise. It is the air escaping the radiator. Once all air is gone, the water will start coming out of it. Let the excess water run down before closing it off by turning the valve clockwise. Now, the radiator should be hot all the way till the top.

Other common problems and their maintenance

There are a few other problems that you may come across. For instance, there may be a situation when the valve is painted over and is not getting free as you are trying. Moreover, the radiator might be hot at the top and down at bottom which is due to sludge present in it that usually requires power flushing for which you have to look up for ‘boiler repair near me.’ Then, there are times when the radiator may not be heating up at all. For that, you have to check the valve at the bottom and may replace it with a new one.



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