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Pakistan Online Shopping Portals Is The Next Web Business in 2017

Pakistan Online Shopping Portals Is The Next Web Business in 2017


Online shopping trend in Pakistan has been increased rapidly. In Pakistan, online stores are going very efficient in last some years. No one can imagine 10 years back the online shopping in Pakistan could hold shares in retail marketing. Nowadays very leading brand in Pakistan has their virtual presence so they could target large audiences and the one who are far away. Many companies and brands offer a wide range of variety to catch more customer. Online shopping in Pakistan is not limited clothes they also offer foot wears, jewelry, books, gifts, bags and also men clothing.


There is huge market online some of the best names are,,, The youth is playing very vital role in online shopping in Pakistan. More than half of youth purchase everything online from home.

Internet websites and blogs are used to for reviews and product evaluation and also for share the experience of buying products. They also used to market their products, so more customer attract and they earn from it.


One of the growing trends in Pakistan is the online shopping for clothes, especially women clothes. 5 years back it was very difficult to bought women shopping online, because of women’s dresses shops from stores, inquire about the stuff, quality and bargaining after that if they are satisfied purchased it.

The availability of brands prices and detail about each product make easy and accessible to shop online and making sure that they will get what they are expecting.

Any business cannot be successful without taking technology onboard. Internet websites, blogs, discussion forums, social networking, browsing trends are some that explain the success of online shopping in Pakistan.



Online shopping in Pakistan has some advantages as they have fast delivery, return policy and free shipping. Due to these advantages, people desire more to buy online.


As online shopping in Pakistan is getting strength, few challenges are getting clear. Like fast speed internet is limited to population, power shortages, lack of public trust and less awareness about online marketing. These are some challenges online shopping is facing. If these challenges can be overcome online shopping in Pakistan would be the best option and easy for many people.


Besides the challenges, Online shopping is growing in Pakistan and women clothing is the trend at the time. Other areas will also come in trend as looking to the growth of online shopping in Pakistan.


Apparel, computers, and electronics are making currently 40 percent of the online sale. Online shopping is good for many industries. A survey has revealed that in Pakistan 82 percent of customers are satisfied with their buying experiencing.


Online shopping as becoming part of our everyday life. It has changed the trend in Pakistan. A few years back traditional shopping was everywhere in Pakistan, but online shopping changed the trend. Mostly people say that online shopping has more advantages than the disadvantages. Online shopping has made people life more easy in the busy world. Online shopping in Pakistan is a very famous trend going on.

Services of a reliable and professional handyman

Services of a reliable and professional handyman

Getting the best handyman for your home repair is a difficult task. You can get many plumbers performing these services for you in Baltimore or Montgomery County and Washington D.C. Handyman, but you have to make a choice which is correct for you. You can get some services from a handyman for your home maintenance. Some of the services are really simple that you can do them yourself or some require special expertise. It is always best to hire a professional for your home safety and maintenance. The way he will do the job will benefit you in the longer run. Here are multiple services which can be obtained from a professional handyman.

Assembly and installation

When you have got some new and complex equipment for your home, it is not wise to try assembling it by yourself. Sometimes it may not turn out very well, and as a result, you have to suffer. Likewise, the installation of a new machinery is also a complicated task and the person doing so should have some specific capabilities to perform it in an efficient manner. The intelligent decision is to get a handyman to fix all these issues, and he will assemble your equipment and install the new machinery in the right way how it ought to be.

Maintenance and Plumbing

Sometimes the maintenance and plumbing of your routine home appliances is an easy task, and it can be done without any expertise. However, the overall maintenance of complex items is really tiresome and not always easy to do. It is very difficult for a working person to take out time from his busy routine and perform all these operations. So, you should hire a reliable handyman who will come to your home and perform all these tasks rightfully. Home maintenance is necessary and if not done after sometimes leads to serious consequences.

Carpentry and electrical work

These are the technical operations and not possible to be done by yourself. Special skills are required to repair the carpentry work. Especially the electrical work is delicate and proper care should be taken while performing any kind of electrical work. Safety is the best thing to do when you are doing any work. The professional handymen know which precautions should be taken when electrical work is done. All these things should be done under proper safety.

Along with these, there are many operations that can be obtained from a handyman. If you ask advice about a good handyman from any friend in your community, you will get multiple recommendations. Some of them will be from Baltimore and some will be from Montgomery County and Washington D.C. Handyman. In the end, you have to make a choice that is best according to your requirements and what type of services you require. If you are going to repair your home material or need a new pain, there is no need to search people from the respected departments, you just have to hire a good handyman and get all these services in a single package.

The ways to do company setup in Dubai

The ways to do company setup in Dubai

If you want to establish your business first you have to understand all rules and regulation and also the restriction, so that you can make wise decisions of your company. This is obvious to know all rules and regulation to set up for business.

There are two main ways to set up a company in Dubai. This can done by having partnership who owns 51 percent of the company, which is also known as “LLC” (limited liability company), or through one of the many “free zones” where foreigner can own 100 percent of company. The cost vary for both. For LLC, they can range from Dh 30,000 to DH 40000. And if you use company to deal with all legal work and do all paper work than money will be involved, but with that it will save time that is beneficial to you.

Free zones also differ, some free zone only deal with people creative industry such as media companies. The cost can be between Dh 25000 to Dh35000. Free zone visa can limit the activities such as it is not possible to open a retail outlet as free zone company, until the premises are in free zone. Company setup in Abu Dhabi also have same procedure.

Free zones advantages of Dubai:

Free zones are geographic area where goods and service are traded without intervention of customs regulation.

  1. Foreigners can have 100 percent ownership
  2. 100 percent recovery of capital
  3. 100 percent profit
  4. Formation is quicker of free zone company
  5. You can find inexpensive workforce
  6. Easily recruitment procedure
  7. No custom duties
  8. Independent regulation

Restrictions of free zone companies:

Restrictions to free zone companies one should know all about them:

  • Limited to operating in geographical areas.
  • You should engage with an agent or distributor when dealing with mainland client.
  • When, selling product to mainland duty will be applicable.


Limited Liability Company can be established in Dubai, this provide scope to them.

Currently a law has been passed where there is must to have one or more local partner.

This law state that local partner must have 51 percent of company ownership. The partners within foreign company benefit having LLC exposure to their contribution to share capital.

Ways to do Company setup in Dubai also firstly requires business plan, licensing, the location on which you are going to start. The way you choose will depend on the success of your company. To make profits is all in your own hands. Ways to do company setup in Dubai requires you to understand all laws and procedure, sometimes owner don’t read the restrictions and then have to pay for it. Different ways adopting can make your company successful and profitable. Same things are required for company setup in Dubai. They also have same rules and regulation plus the restriction. Company setup in Dubai is also a good option for company owners to think about it.