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Amazing Facts About Nutrition in 2017

Amazing Facts About Nutrition in 2017

As a college student, getting the right nutrition is a key fundamental for you, for a variety of reasons. The problem is that that doesn’t happen easily, for a variety of reasons.

Nutrition First

The reasons that you need good nutrition are pretty basic. Nutrition is the driving force behind your grade average, energy levels, stress levels, mental stability, emotional balance, and your overall health. This calls for a college diet plan. Not the kind you think of when that everyone talks about during New Year’s resolutions but one that will consist of a consistent nutritious foundation of foods. You may perceive that you are too busy to bother eating regularly, you may think your budget doesn’t allow it, you may be having trouble with your decision making skills, or you just may be in cultural shock from the transition.

Regardless, the same adverse effects remain, for both the short and long term projection. There are answers to the conundrum of getting adequate nutrition. You can research, discover, and resource the recommendations set forth by the USDA. Beyond that you can avoid the conventional snacks and replace them with better sources like fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and berries. Even dairy offers some great resources that you can implement into your snacking variety.

You can also try cooking for yourself. Cooking is a great way to help reduce your stress levels because of methodical repetition. It also helps boost your confidence and expand your horizons through entertaining a group of friends.

Dining Hall

You could also try resourcing the on-campus dining hall rather than going to the nearest fast food establishment. With that being said, you would also want to avoid the other quick-trip varieties of on-the-go eating.

If a conflict of taste in the dining hall is posing a problem that is sabotaging your nutrition there are answers for that. You could initially try substituting one particular dish selection for another healthy version. You could even try speaking to the dining hall director. Don’t be afraid or shy about asking if there could be an arrangement made for certain preparations, or additions to the menu. The least they can say is no, after all, they are subject to regulation guidelines, but you will never know if you don’t ask. Right?

Here are some tips that may help you out:

  • Avoid addictive substances that can cause nutrient rejecting chemical reactions in your body.
  • Regulate your eating schedule.
  • Try DIY meals and cook for yourself to access your taste preferences, save money, and even some time.
  • Moderate your caffeine intake along with avoiding energy drinks.
  • Plan ahead. Make menus for in-room meals, allow time to eat, check out the dining hall menus prior to addressing the day.
  • Use fresh fruits and vegetables as a resource for meals and snacking.
  • Canned, dried, or packaged meats are a great way to keep meat accessible without spoilage.
  • Avoid conventional snack foods.
  • Avoid trending eating styles.
  • Remember to include your dairy.
  • Drink lots of water. If you can tolerate cold water, it’s the best for your skin and metabolism.
  • Schedule eating time so that schedule doesn’t dictate the levels of your nutrition.
  • Meal prepping can save you a lot of time and hassle. This can curb last minute appetite for junk food.
  • Explore alternative selections and broaden the limits of your taste experience.
  • Consider natural nut butters like peanut or almond butter in relation to your snacking selections.


5 Benefits of Quitting Weed

5 Benefits of Quitting Weed


In everyone’s life there are priorities to consider. For a person that has a penchant to over-indulge weed without being able to slow down have their priorities darkened. They lose sight of their need for a beneficial reason to return to his or her life. This is especially true as the reality of their situation wraps their dreams in melancholy memory mode. These people spend their days in the darkness of drug use. Hunger for more, fear, and isolation dictate their lives.

Luckily in the terms of distancing yourself from chronic drug use (no pun intended), there are ways to enlighten yourself that this isn’t the end. This process will also appeal to your desire for instant gratification. It will help you rebuild your current reality with focused projection.

These are some of the future aspects that a heavy weed user stands to gain from abstinence that will feed that reservoir of hope that has been drained from their chronic weed use. The following short list will give you 5 reasons on the benefit of quitting weed. Not only is it going to help you now but think of yourself in 5 years. With the fast paced life we’re living today, 5 years isn’t that far away.

  1. Restore Health – It’s no secret that any drug has its signature brand of side-effects and weed is no different although minimal compared to others. The chemicals that are passed through into your body affect your metabolism, the rate of normal hormone production, brain chemical levels and neurological events in the brain. Past that, consider your lungs and even your voice. Smoke, contains carcinogens, hot gasses, and toxins that transfer to your respiratory system all the way through. You retard the amount of oxygen supplying your organs, instigates cellular anomalies in the immune system, and coats your taste buds, then vocal chords with the residual tar.
  2. Reputation Preservation – This part is a big concept to consider, especially for those of the younger persuasion. At the beginning of adulthood, the morality that you seal your name in is the way people will view you. When you are associated with a bad reputation, people tend to make sure that carries forward along with you and that is hard to live down or out distance. The mistakes you make now will show up and tarnish your background checks, and prevent you from holding certain jobs or doing certain things that you may desire in the future.
  3. Financial Gain – No one knows better than you about the exorbitant expense that you are committing to getting stoned. The cost of the bag, the transportation, the accessories, and then there is the factor of feeding the side effects; binge eating.
  4. Ambition – Quitting weed and maintain that will allow you to take your future back by being a proactive participant in your life again. You won’t just sit back on the sidelines and say the things that need doing any longer. Now, you will have the driving energy to go after it. You will be fueled with focused thought attention, and educated know-how in the pursuit of your dreams. Topping that all off is now you possess the initiative to get geared up and make things thought a reality.
  5. Inspiration – The last thing that will rock your world in abstinence from your weed use is that feeling you get when someone says, “I hope to be you, or hope to have the ability to get where you are.” That is the most awesome feeling you will ever experience and the real high that life was supposed to be. All of your struggles will fade away with that ounce of accredited recognition.