Characteristics And Comparison Among Power Saws

Characteristics And Comparison Among Power Saws

A power saw is a tool to cut wood and other different materials. It uses abrasive disk or blade to cut different materials. It is a machine for the purpose of cutting wood. Low to high-quality power saws are available in the market to cut wood. Purchase of power saw depends on your affordability. Many types of power saw are found depending on their shapes and characteristics. We can compare power saw based on their shapes, sizes, quality and characteristics.

Types of power saw

Some of the types of power saw are as follows:

Basic handsaw

It is most reliable and mostly used a power saw. It is useful when cutting simple 2×4.


It is a type of handsaw which uses the blade for cutting wood. The blade is tensioned in C frame. It is mostly used to cut plastics and metals.

Japanese saw

It is a type of saw with a thinner blade. It has cross teeth on one side and rips teeth on the other. This type of saw is used to cut dense wood easily by starting cutting from cross teeth side and finishing cutting on rip teeth side. It is a very useful cutting saw for the harbor.

Band saw

It is very useful to cut both wood and metal. It has a great power of cutting as compared to other lower strength power saws. It can drift in the case when you do not pay attention to the line.

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Table saw

It can be used for crosscutting, mitering and ripping. It is not very portable but very useful to cut wood.


It is used to cut wood in curved and straight shapes. It can be used for wide variety of materials such as particle board, plastic, wood, ceramic tile, metal, and plywood. It is very easy to use. Various quality of jigsaws is found in the market such as Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Ryobi, and work, etc.

Comparison among different power saw

Several types’ of power saws are found in the market. You can compare power saw based on their characteristics to buy most useful power saw. We mention some comparisons here.

Comparison between Bosch and Hitachi

Both of these power saws possess different characteristics from one another. They possess different characteristics ranging from their prices to specification. Hitachi is a power saw released in 2012. It is a price of 249$. It possesses laser marker system, and material can be easily adjusted to a shape in which it needs to cut. It has a tall aluminum fence which stands at the height of 5-1/8”.

On the other hand, Hitachi is a model which is released during 2013. It has the price of 649$. It contains axial glide system for compact workspace. It contains trigger handle which makes it easy to handle to work all day.

So, we can compare power saw to determine their characteristics. The quality of one power saw is different as compared to other. All of these power saws are used to cut different materials including wood, plastic and other materials.

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