IPE Pricing: Things you need to know about IPE wood and its price

IPE Pricing: Things you need to know about IPE wood and its price

When it comes to decking, there are a number of factors that determine what kind of material is suitable for you. There is a huge debate on whether or not the IPE wood is best pick for the task. Often people just take a look at IPE pricing to decide whether or not it is appropriate for them. Moreover, in attempt to get IPE at the low price they end up in getting low quality or opt for any other less durable material which is hazardous and requires a lot of maintenance. Many people avoid it because for them it asks a bit too much. So, we have managed to extract some information that why you should choose IPE and how to get the best pricing.

It is Durable

The first thing you need to know about IPE wood is that there is no match when you consider durability. According to an article by Wall Street Journal, the IPE wood is the toughest and ‘as hard as nail’ when we talk about strength. There is no match because it is the densest wood that you find around. Also, people name it as the ironwood. The surface of this material is incredibly resistant to insect attacks, mildew, and fire. Moreover, it also has a lesser expansion and contraction.

It requires less maintenance

The second reason why many people prefer it is because it requires deficient maintenance. People that have been through the maintenance work in past know how stressing it can get and most of them look to avoid the hassle that it creates. Therefore, the IPE wood can be a decent pick as just a slight annual maintenance, and you will be able to retain it for a long time.

Cooler surface

People that are living in hot areas tend to experience hot floor during the peak of summer season. However, if you manage to get IPE decking, you will be able to avoid it. It is because the IPE wood tends to retain much less heat than plastic and other composite material. Therefore, your deck will be at an optimum temperature even when the sun is shining at its maximum.

The price contributing factors

The IPE wood is the ‘ironwood’ thus it costs a bit more than other materials. There are different things that contribute to its pricing. Apart from the durability and the advantages of using it listed above, the cutting of material and its size plays a critical role. Often the experts manage to use random IPE pieces (that will cost less) and place them in such a way that ends up looking an original pattern rather than ‘a few odd blocks of wood placed on the floor.’ The specific board lengths will cost you more, and if you go for the custom lengths, the cost will get one step higher.

Although you may find the IPE pricing a bit high, the fact that it is durable, its own resilience, minimum maintenance, etc. can make it an excellent investment if you are to use it for the long term. However, before you make your choice, ensure that it addresses your needs and is within your budget.


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