Know all about panel lift garage doors

Know all about panel lift garage doors

With the numerous options available in the market it often gets hard to choose which one to install in your own home. However, there are some benefits attached to panel lift garage doors which might go well with any garage. The panel lift garage door is a garage door with sectional overhead. A wide variety of such doors is available, and you even have the option of making your specifications. These garage doors are definitely of high quality and are a quite popular option amongst people. They have their own set of advantages as well as features.

Some of the features of panel lift garage doors

The first important feature of these garage doors is its locking system. These garage doors have locks fitted on them from the inner side however if someone requires external locks to be fitted as well that can also be easily done. The user also has an option to choose between a key lock and a padlock. Moving on, the variety of colors available is also huge. You can choose any color according to your taste. You can also experiment with the aesthetics and choose a contrasting color to have a unique effect.

The lifting system on these garage doors is what differentiates them from the others. They come with different options of lifting systems. One is the basic lifting system however if you want then you can also have a rear torsion as well as a standard headroom. These two come as independent units. They also come in different sizes. The panel lift garage doors come in different sizes so that they can be by the size of your garage. You can simply provide the measurements of your garage door opening and get a panel lift door that fits just right.

What are the benefits?

Panel lift garage doors have numerous benefits. The door is allowed to run smoothly and quite easily during opening and closing with the help of the ball bearing wheels. The chances of door binding are also reduced with the help of the track curve and hinges. They are a durable option and do not deteriorate with time regarding looks. The springs in them exceed which is the normal limit making them run longer. The hinges are internally fixed so they do not require any maintenance.

If the doors are not properly handled they might cause some injuries however that is not the case with these doors. The panel lift garage doors are built especially keeping in mind the security of the people and is designed in a way that minimizes the risk. The chances of trapping your fingers are reduced with the pinch free panels and also the hinges which are factory fitted. One is also not exposed to the danger of cutting their fingers because the edges of the panel is rolled over.

The doors are quite smooth and do not make much noise. This is due to the ball bearing wheels. The track curve which is reinforced with glass also contribute to them being quiet. The steel material is there to go through the harsh weather.

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