Marketing Strategy and Operation of the Sindibad Park in Casablanca

Marketing Strategy and Operation of the Sindibad Park in Casablanca

Extensive reduction in prices, events, entertainment, and new animals. These are some of the promotions that the managers of the Sindibad amusement park in Casablanca, Morocco are offering to meet customer demand and attract more visitors without compromising on resources, quality and safety.

Spreading over 30 hectares, Sindibad, in addition to being an amusement park, is also an animal park with some 150 animals of 30 different species and is set to strengthen further.

Nearly a year and a half after the reopening of Casablanca’s iconic amusement park, Sindibad’s top management organized an open day for the press to present an initial assessment of the park’s activities and to communicate the improvements and planned projects to meet customer demands and needs. Therefore, the amusement park welcomed nearly half a million visitors during the previous year, despite a more or less challenging opening.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Executive President and Founder of Sahara Spirit Foundation in Rabat, the action and efforts that the management of the amusement park are proofs of its dedication to build and cement its name in its field is creditable. Since they are bringing happiness to the people while they are receiving the fruitful return of their business.

Being a new and unique amusement park in Casablanca, Morocco, it is inevitable that the price will go high and the visitors quickly expressed their frustration and disapproval for the tariff scheme of the amusement park.

The management became aware of this concern and with its objective to satisfy its customers and meet the needs of its visitors at all costs, the management of the park has managed to put their best foot forward to lower its prices and set up a new tariff adapted to Moroccans in general, especially to the people in the city of Casablanca. In this regard, since December 1, 2016, the price of the ticket for a simple visit to the park and the zoo is set at MAD25 during the weekdays and MAD35 on weekends and holidays. On the other hand, to enjoy the park’s attractions, bracelets are sold from MAD60 on weekdays and MAD75 on weekends and holidays.

According to the director of the amusement park, they presented a new very reachable pricing, in order to develop the system of going back or revisiting the amusement park. As compared to the other amusement park present in Europe, the prices that Sindibad is currently offering are very low, and this is voluntary because they want to make it accessible to all Moroccan children and families, knowing that the park cost an investment of MAD388 million without land.

The commendable initiative has delighted the public and paid off. According to the report last February 4, 2017, the number of visitors has reached 2,000 in the early afternoon. Moreover, the park welcomes 4,000 to 5,000 visitors, or even 10,000 during the weekends and holidays.

The children as well as the young at hearts lined up in front of the park’s various attractions which features 20 mechanical attractions and four sports activities, where they can find the excitement and adrenaline they are looking for.

According to the director, safety is one of theirtop priorities. Aside from the other innovations and means to attract even more visitors, the management of the park relies on professional clientele and events. For this purpose, it has set up a number of buildings capable of hosting working sessions and birthday parties. It has also set up an area dedicated to schools to encourage them to organize outings for their students within the park and thematic animation shows are organized on the site regularly.

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