Safer Online Shopping This Christmas Season With Norton Coupons

Safer Online Shopping This Christmas Season With Norton Coupons

Christmas shopping madness comes along with thousands of cyber attack incidents. Online buyers need to be extra cautious when navigating in e-shops. This article brings awareness in the dangers of online shopping and gives tips for safer transactions.

Today, a good number of people prefer shopping online because they can escape the long queues at the local stores. It is easier to compare prices when shopping online. November and December are the busiest months of year especially when it comes to online transactions, and months when criminal activities peak. Though shopping online is very convenient, it can bring its stresses if you are not careful. Whether you are using a smartphone, a tablet or a computer to shop online this Christmas, you should secure your information. Below some tips on how to keep yourself safe online this Christmas season.

Tips For Safe Shopping Online This Christmas

  1. Always use a secure WI-FI or protect your home WI-FI

Though it is cheaper and convenient to use a public WI-FI, you do not know who else is connected. Hence, it is wise if you are going to make an online transaction like Christmas shopping to do it using a secure connection. And once you finish shopping online, log out of the website correctly. Closing the windows is not safe and could enable a fraudster to access your details. If you use your home-WI-FI, it is essential to have a password in place. Otherwise, you will be exposing yourself to online criminals.

  1. Always keep your laptop up-to-date and protected

Your bank details are the most sensitive data that you can transfer across the internet. If you are planning to buy some thanksgiving presents online this Christmas, protect your laptop. Make sure your operating system is up-to-date, and use the best antivirus such as Norton Antivirus.

  1. Shop from known sites with an excellent reputation

When shopping for Christmas, the most important thing is using a protected URL. Use a website with “https” as the “s” stands for secure, or a site with a padlock in the browser window. If none is showing, you might be exposing your details to online thieves.

  1. Avoid links in emails and ADs

At this month of the year, it is common to receive many emails and Ads for best offers. A site claiming to sell Christmas good deals might be a path to criminal gangs. If you are downloading any shopping app, let it be a reliable source such as App store or Google Play.

  1. Payment options

When shopping online, opt to pay through a secure system like PayPal. Do not pay in advance with any method of cash transfer. By using systems such as PayPal, your details are protected. It is also critical that after making some online purchases, to check and confirm that all transactions in your statement are okay. If you notice any suspicious deal, get in touch with your bank.

  1. Lock your devices

It is crucial to passcode your tablet or smartphone. It will ensure the information on your devices is safe and secure. If your tablet is not locked, it could be more comfortable for a fraudster to access your details if the tablet is stolen.

Symantec Internet Security Responds With New Norton Coupons

Shopping online is a convenient option to get access to various products around the world. But you can only take advantage of best Christmas deals and have peace of mind if you keep your computer protected. To secure your details when shopping online, a reliable solutions would be Norton Antivirus. This software is the spear tip of internet security software. It will ensure all your information and details are secure from online criminals. The default price for is $49.99, but with a norton antivirus coupon you save around 40% off. Norton coupons are available online at technology sites e.g. and coupon sites e.g.


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