Social Media Marketing Impact

Social Media Marketing Impact

Marketing around the world increases in sales and projects every day.  There is more than one method to increasing the spread of marketing-social media.  Recently social media has grown rapidly which makes good business ethics for marketing.  Social Media and Marketing are made in the same degree as a dynamic duo.  The business is strong and bold between the two business like worlds.  There are good and bad components as well as positive and negative impacts coming through the development of Social Media Marketing.

There are perks to the world of social media as well as its connections.  For instance, an advantage to having a marketing business link up with social media is that their customers can plan and preview their purchase and put the money aside for their order when they are ready to pay.  Essentially this is a greater process for bringing in a higher income rate and inviting new customers to consider the markets.  Everywhere anyone goes there is always social media appearing everywhere whether it is on a cell phone, television, billboard, or even a car radio.  A market simply can blow up overnight with how the social media market is booming with all the followers and friends online.  There is roughly 80% of people that use Social Media Marketing due to the convenience and availability of time to make purchases and the customers remain satisfied.  However, that is not always the case since Social Media Marketing takes up 1.14% of the overall online traffic occurring during their shopping.  This means that the business websites and pages may crash since there is a great amount of over usage of the market.

Social Media continues to be powerful and a blessing to a large percentage of the world including markets and businesses.  In the past 2 years there has been a major increase of 90% in the world’s entire usage of Social Media Marketing.  Surprisingly, there are very few concerns on most people’s radar.  There are multiple strengths to the combination of Social Media and Marketing that makes the money made worthwhile.  Marketing areas boom with high rates and percentages in areas such as social advertising, online videos, and even social engagements.  Also, over 70% of people ranging between the ages of 14 and 24 years old have said that they are not able to physically or mentally pull themselves away from their phones.  They consider their social media on devices to be a necessity throughout the day.  Not to mention, a quarter of people that watch television have shared that they are more aware and interested of programs and sales happening because of their own social media interactions on all devices.

Despite all the great impacts made by Social Media Marketing, there are weaknesses hiding between the cracks of business.  To start, the C-Suite (a corporation’s most important senior executives) are not 100% convinced that the social media’s value is worth it and if there is any value to the matter at all.  The business and marketing incomes do not always connect their social business to their outcomes in the fear that issues may occur.  Another surprising factor is that emailing continues to outperform social media in all aspects and the current conversions are 40 to 1.  The area pertaining to social media programs are the CMO’s concern, ranking 6th place.  That remains in the top 58% percent of the issues brought upon by Social Media Marketing.  There is no such thing as the perfect solution to all marketing or business problems.

Social Media commonly is where everyone shares their personal lives, their interests, likes and dislikes, as well as the people they love.  Every follower and friend has access to the information that is released into the social media world such as Instagram.  Instagram is sued for personal usage as well as to spread businesses.  Instagram is divided by hashtags and pages which makes the search easier to find what is to be looked for.  For this reason, if there is a floral designer beginning her own business and she wants people to see her creations she needs followers.  All she must do is go to the search bar and enter #floraldesign just as one example.  There hundreds of thousands of posts under each hashtag that could possibly be thought of.  Next there is simply a lot of liking pictures and following people that are liked and admired.  The online world is powerful, no doubt, and nearly anything is possible on the internet.  Instagram is by far one of the most powerful type of social media currently and is used every day as well as every hour in the day.

Bigger problems than anyone can imagine could be made aware through social media such as helping countries get food or cleaning up after a horrible flood or tornado.  Those people suffering need help and social media and get them the help they need as well as the resources.  The more that the issue is brought to attention the bigger the outcome will be and everything will be okay.  Continuing to go onto social media every day isn’t exactly bad thing because severe accidents and issues are occurring around the world and they need to be known about as soon as possible.  Everything blows up on the internet and in the tracks of social media.  The resources provided through social media brings people together in ways that were never imagined happening.

The impacts made in Social Media Marketing will always have the good and bad as well as the positive and negative factors.  Overall, the idea and concept of Social Media Marketing is decent and has many helpful areas and solutions. There will always be people who are not 100% willing to get involved in the Social Media Marketing and then there are those willing to go in 150%.  The Social Media Market is a technique to constantly bring in money and customers that requires more effort but in the end the creation is worth it.

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