Some Facts About On The Job Training You Did Not Know

Some Facts About On The Job Training You Did Not Know

Did you know 75% of the employees follow their mentor in the day to day operations? It is even possible to double the efficiency of employees with little on hand knowledge of work through on the job training. This concept is not new to the western world, but companies in Abu Dhabi needs to go through proper job training. This training involves a trainer, HR executives, managers and employees. It is essential for the relationship among team members and the development of new skills. While converting to one technology to another, companies go through multiple on the job training sessions. Not only this but it makes the action taker more confident. The system of communication and errors are reduced with more customer services. This is how multiple multinational makes better relationships with their vendors and stakeholders also.

Relation of Employer and Employee

Employees understand better their employer and manager while working in a company. Small scale industries in Abu Dhabi and all overall Dubai arrange on the job one-to-one session to build a stronger relationship. The old concept of high power distance is now getting reduced to more employee centric approach. Similarly, the corporate world needs to understand team member work frequency and establish relationships that are valuable.

Skill Development

On the job training is the only applicable way for new skill development. This is recommended for all level companies where employees are supposed to explore out of the box solution. Through this way, they can increase their daily skills and tackle upcoming organisational problems so well. The concept of team and goal-based management also require continuous training session while on the job.

System Integration

New systems and technologies should be interactive with employee user perspective. But if it is not, on the job training can increase interactivity and help employee transform from one system to another. High turnover of employees can be reduced through continuous training on new systems. In this way, the interaction of technology and team member becomes easier than ever.

Confidence Boost

On Job, training helps a team member in a firm to communicate with their trainer. Foreigner workforce in Dubai finds it easy to share their daily problems with a trainer. In this way, their confidence in the firm and other team members is also enhanced. They interpret and find meanings of success without continuous motivation through on job training sessions.

Integrated Communication Of HR and Employees

The distance between human resource management and employee needs to be reduced. The productivity of an organisation depends on the dedication of managers. In on the job training, HR executives get a chance to see how employees are managing and what needs to be done for their facilitation.

Attractive For Customers

Various organisation arrange on the job training to attract their customers. It gives a message of growth and dedication in the market. Outsiders and stakeholders get a feeling of quality management in a firm. They are always glad to see people get trained in an organisation. While off job training has no chance of customer exposure.

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