Cleaning is an essential part of everyday life. It leaves great impact on the mood of the people, lifting it immediately. It also helps in spreading a positive aura around everyone. Clean is attractive. That is motto of almost every woman. Therefore, the demand of professionally getting carpet cleaning is rising with the rise in the sales of carpet and increasing pollution. Many companies are now providing such services to cater the needs of people. Not only domestically in homes, but various hotels, airport and buildings now have carpeted floors that needs to be cleaned every once in a while as many as thousands of people walk on them with God knows every dirt on their shoes. So, carpet cleaning is now a basic need of today’s life giving more market value to the cleaning business.

Typical Methods

Due to the obvious limitation of carpeted floor is that carpet is fixed on the floor and cannot be moved or removed for cleaning purposes. So, cleaning companies have to bring their equipments and machines along with them to the site to be inspected and worked upon. However, there are different main methods of carpet cleaning which are as follows:

• Vacuum cleaning: the dry dust, particles and dirt is sucked into the vacuum leaving behind only the stains or the dirt stuck in the deep layer of the carpet, between the small fibers of the wool.
• Spray and spritz: this method includes different agents which help in rinsing. Every company may use distinctive compound such as:
• Heated water extraction: hot and heated water is showered all over the carpet which generates steam which with the vacuuming remove the dirt there and then.
• Dry compound: a cleaning compound is sprayed all over and sponges are used to rinse the carpet. This method is domestically applicable in homes.
• Shampoo: various shampoos are available in local supermarkets to be used in homes or commercially. They do their job by conventional method.
• Bonnet extrication: A bonnet is a big, commercial machine which has a large, rotating sponge on the inferior surface. The sponge evenly spreads the cleaning agent e.g. shampoo and thoroughly rinse the carpet.

Cleaning the carpet is as important as buying one as it does not stay new, clean and bright always. As a matter of fact, carpeted floors are symbolized for sophistication and wealth leading to the increasing number of sales these days. This calls for improved and large scale business regarding cleaning. One of the most reliable company offering matchless services is clean&dry (carpet cleaning service). It provides impressive and extra ordinary facility of maintaining carpeted floor. They offer 100% satisfaction with great, visible results. Leaving the carpet as clean and spotless as it was on its day one.

Why the need?

The importance of carpet cleaning can never be emphasized enough. Breathing in a clean and healthy environment requires everything present around to be dirt, dust and germs free. Usually, people are allergic to certain particles which are too small to be seen by the naked eye. But, allergens are present on old, used and worn out carpets jeopardizing the health and well being of the living beings. It is tried and tested, that clean, spotless and dirt free carpets boots up the moods and health of people living in such environment. So clean everything and live refreshingly.

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