Use of Lavender Oil for whiteheads

Use of Lavender Oil for whiteheads

Whiteheads are one of the major causes that lead to the development of acne. Acne is a very common skin disease faced by teenagers generally. The main causes of whiteheads and acne are the clogged pores when not washed or cleaned properly, the bacteria on the skin, the production of excess oil and the presence of dead skin.

The internal factors, however, include hormonal imbalance, stress, depression, lack of sleep, dehydration, and androgen and progesterone level, Intake of steroids and other medications etc.

Essential oils have been used for ages to cure the acne and dark spots however in modern age their uses have now been more popularly used.

The best way to treat acne and whiteheads is to first cure them internally because no matter how much you care externally if the internal cause is not reported than external uses will not be helpful.

Use of Lavender Oil for whiteheads can be helpful in preventing the feeling of stress and depression. The beautiful smell of this essential oil is very helpful in releasing stress and depression. This oil is also used to prevent insomnia; the lack of sleep is one of the major cause of the development of whiteheads and acne. The small is also helpful in balancing the hormone level.

This oil is also an excellent option for treating acne by applying it externally. This oil is highly gentle on skin and has numerous benefits that can be helpful in treating many skin problems. It promotes the skin health and fights whiteheads and acne.


It is very important to know how to use it correctly to gain maximum benefits from this essential oil. For using it to treat acne this oil shall be diluted with other essential oils instead of a direct application. Also, this oil can be easily spread over the skin when mixed with other oils. The other best oils for oily skin are tea tree oil, almond oil, and olive oil.

Serious acne benefits more when lavender oil is mixed with tea tree oil. In case someone has sensitive skin these oils shall be used by mixing them in Luke warm water.

For direst acne treatment use the oil by swabbing it in cotton. To prevent the whitehead production on facial and body skin, the best way is to add this oil to bathing water. Add few drops of this oil in your water tub and then soak your body for almost 15 minutes this will give both the therapeutic and the beauty benefits.

Summarizing the use of Lavender Oil for acne treatment;

  • The lavender oil smells good thus has multiple therapeutic benefits.
  • The excess and direct use of lavender skin can cause redness on skin thus the dilution of this oil either with water or other essential oils is recommended
  • It can be added in other skin care products to prevent acne
  • Lavender oil helps in maintain the hormonal levels, b=however in males it may sometimes interfere with the testosterone level.



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