Ways of using the best wood router in home

Ways of using the best wood router in home

A router is a commonly used device along with the drills. They are used to turn wood into different shapes. Shaped edges, as well as many other shapes, can be produced by putting it into use effectively. It is a hand holding a device that does a lot of things for some money. The actual purpose of making the router was the cut and sharp the edges of wood, however, modern wood cutters have done a lot more than this. They learned many new ways to utilize it in multiple good ways. However, using the best wood router may be difficult for some people because a lot of effort is needed in finding the right one. There are many online channels that provide reviews for helping people in making a best buying decision. Here in this article, many ways are presented to use the wood routers in homes.

Shaping or routing

In addition to cutting the bits, a router can be really helpful in making the sharp edges. The table top at home can be decorated on the edge by using it in different ways. Just take the table top and rout it for bringing beauty in it. Even a person can use them effectively in shaping and design the photo frames. Router bits are used in making perfect designs according to the desire of a person.


The flutes can be made perfectly by using the core box and round nose trim routers. The detachable guide for edges makes it easy to design the flutes in the best manner. Every type of design can be made by using the straight edges and the person should not worry about the details because they will be perfect.


Mostly people choose table saw or circular for cutting the edges. However, there is no better option than a router for this purpose. Instead of getting both the options, a router can perform the best function at less cost. Although it will take some time to do ripping using a router the results are good. The boards can be ripped best in width on the straight edges.

Butterfly patches

A decorative patch with the shape of a butterfly can also be made by the help of routers. This is liked by most of the people because it gives the look of splits of a knot. The additional material from the patch is removed and the exact shape is formed. When a person does freehand routing while using the down cut spirals and straight bit, this shape gets the feel of extension of the hand. The first and very important task is to cut the butterfly. First, it is traced on the flaw; the excess should be removed using a router. The exact lines are followed to give perfect shape.

Decorative inlays

The inlay grooves made by these routers give the look of a professional craftsman. This decorative material can be done without any difficulty even on the large pieces such as doors. This is because of the light weight, narrow base and the center of gravity is low that makes it easy to handle in all places. The corners can be done in the square shape to give the perfect shape.

Different cuttings

Multiple types of cuttings can be done by using this machine. It will help a lot in doing the cross cuttings and making the edges really fine. The right bit can be used to do it and a straight cut is ensured easily. Dados can also be made by using this router. It is the thing everyone wants to do but if the guide is used along with it that will help a lot. Rabbets are another kind of cutting that is made really easy through its use. The edge guide, as well as ball bearing rabbet bit, are used to make it easily and quickly. A groove cutting is also made simple and this can be done really clean by the use of straight cuts and guide. In the end, the dovetail cutting is done with the help of dovetail jig blind and dovetail bit. These cuttings are done faster and easier as compared to the ones done by hands. Cuts are made smoother and straighter with the help of routers.

These are the things a person must consider while using the best wood router. Also, while making a purchase of the router, the motor, frame, body, and collets are the main things to consider. If they are perfect, the router will serve its purpose right.

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