What is important for Education in Arab World?

What is important for Education in Arab World?

Women rise in educational department in Arab

Women are part of every educational reform in the world. Women education should be similarly important to men. Women should be given proper right of their education. In the Arab world, women education is on the rise they need to take steps to increase this opportunity. To motivate women so they can study on same par with men. Educated women can educate their children properly. She would and advise help them in the study. She would properly balance her needs with the family needs. In the industry, women can also do work similar to men on the same efficiency level. Education in the Arab world needs more female students. Different educational programs by the educational committee are put into action to motivate women of Arabs to study.

Revamp of School and Colleges system

Arab education is in desperate need of revamping their education system. They need to improve their way of teaching students. Mostly Arab school and colleges are lacking a good teach method through which they can teach their students for better future. When students are unable to reach a point of understanding, they lose motivation. Teachers are those pivoting point which can help a student to learn and motivate them for working harder in their studies. Arab school teachers are hard working they are still teaching students without their efforts education in Arab was in decline.

More technological university

Education in Arab world is great, but they lack major universities. Only a few are present, but only one or two are teaching technological subjects. Arabs drastically need new university which should introduce engineering and I.T as their majors in that university. It would help the universities in producing engineers and IT specialist. The whole Arab industry needs local engineers since the outsourcing cost too much. It would increase the jobs in the country and help the economy rate to go up.


Scholarship in the universities will help to motivate the students to study further and get good grades. It would drastically increase the competition in the university and students would give their maximum effort so they can avail the educational scholarship in the country. More and more students will apply for further studies and give undivided attention to studies without working in part-time jobs. Scholarships are part of every educational reform so they can lift the burden of the jobs from the students.

Education awareness

Many of the countries lack the education awareness. Local in the Arab countries think more about their business and how to expand it. Education is equally good for the business either it is educational related or skill related. Different surveys show if education awareness is properly delivered to the cities the student turnout can increase drastically. Schools also need to teach more meaningful instead of teaching more. Those points which are more understood by a student in class are far better than any of those given in the homework. Education in the Arab world can benefit from such educational tree of teaching less but more meaningful.

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