Why artificial intelligence is now a part of social media

Why artificial intelligence is now a part of social media

Artificial intelligence is the concept in which intelligence is shown through the machines and this is the new trend. There are a lot of things that depict this in our daily life such as the robots, cars and various other things. The privacy has become such a common issue that it is protected by the help of facial recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprints.

The workplace support in many ways is provided by the machines that it is not possible to do it without machines. This amazing concept is now associated with the social media and great things are happening because of this.

Need of artificial intelligence in businesses

There are many things that are best done by the machines and humans cannot do them in the same way. Similarly, the things best done by humans cannot be done with machines. So, both the artificial intelligence and human intelligence complement each other.

The projects and operations are understood in a much better form. This helps in running the businesses efficiently. There are many examples that show how the artificial intelligence is helping the businesses. Some of them are described as follows.

KOSEI and Pinterest

KOSEI is actually a company that works in data software. This company models the personalized recommendations and in this way helps the customers with their concerns. The objects are recognized efficiently on Pinterest by the help of this software.

Also, any person can only see the relevant things. Pinterest is actually a visual social media platform and the search is recognized through relevant images. It is specially customized for each user on Pinterest to deliver the high-quality experience.

BRIGHT and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is actually a social media platform used for job searches. The best match is searched and provided to both the employee and employer. The chances of getting the right person for a job increase and only the job opportunities relevant to the skills of an individual are accessed. The job descriptions are analyzed clearly and then the accurate match is provided by the Bright software.

This software has helped LinkedIn a lot in improving the work experience, hiring patterns, account locations and descriptions for jobs. This setup was acquired by LinkedIn in 2014 and is still working really well in improving the customer experience.

Use of Chatbots by Facebook & Instagram

There are many tasks that are if managed by humans make them tired. The behaviors and patterns of machine working are really different and provide the best support to the users. The Chatbot is an amazing feature that is introduced by Facebook and presents the best example of artificial intelligence. This helps in connecting the business and customer. Various customers can be found on Internet through followers via http://followersin.com/product/1000-followers/

Also, the facial recognition feature introduced by Facebook helps a lot in tagging the right person inside the application. This has brought a lot of ease to the whole process. The businesses can be easily searched out and reservations can be made along with the discount offers from social media with the help of artificial intelligence.

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