Foster scientific research by voluntering your graphics card

Donate at home is a fund raising initiative. Donate@Home allows participants to donate towards funding by using their GPU to ‘mine for BitCoins’. This novel way of generating funding involves contributing within the bitcoin experiment. Crunchers don’t gain bitcoins in this project, the project convert these into standard currencies to raise enough funds through the collective contribution to give fellowships to research students for the Gpugrid project. The science and costs of this new community funded student will be reported in these pages and accounted for. You can also donate directly to Gpugrid via the donation page or make bitcoins donations at 19b62wRL6hGEWa1bLbkdjaiWvZm1C56XuL. Crunchers receive credits, which represent participation and have a symbolic value of their contribution.
The project is at the alpha stage and experimental, and the site is still under development.
For more information, check our project page.

Our Volunteers

Top Donors »

Rank Name Coins
1 stoneageman 300
2 orita 250
3 Cruncher Pete[BlackOps] 200
4 Fire$torm [BlackOps] 200
5 Donnie 200

Top Users »

Rank Name RAC
1 Kirdnem-Vince 1,915,203
2 Taiwanese Taipei 1,708,383
3 Fire$torm [BlackOps] 1,247,078
4 [AF>Amis des Lapins] Nabz37 1,084,826
5 ryoalmighty 930,947

Top Hosts »

Rank Owner RAC
1 Laurent PAULIN 704,852.62
2 Anonymous 643,323.27
3 Anonymous 598,118.67
4 Kirdnem-Vince 578,892.00
5 [AF>Amis des Lapins]Abidin Krasniqi 573,461.12

Top Teams »

Rank Name RAC
1 L'Alliance Francophone 3,015,533
2 Cruncher Junkies 1,941,143
3 SETI.USA 1,911,652
4 Sicituradastra. 1,879,353
5 BOINC@Taiwan 1,811,655