Donate@home Fellowships

The Fellowships

The first goal of donate@home is to raise enough funds to finance a master student for the gpugrid research group. The fellowship would be for the students salary; 15,000 euro per year. Infrastructure (computer, conference attendances) will be provided for by the research group from other funding sources.
The donate@home fellow will present their work in these pages and report on progresses.
Sums raised so far:
14 June 2012. Raised 9254.95 euro towards the first D@H fellowship. Thanks everyone!
New campain of fund raising:
29/08/2012 2970 euro
02/10/2012 1980 euro
16/11/2012 1980 euro
19/11/2012 3960 euro
4/12/2012 4474.43 euro
15/02/2013 1485.00 euro
22/07/2013 3649.18 euro
53 bitcoins

The Fellows

Nathaniel Stanley, 15th June 2012


Nathaniel Stanley is a predoctoral researcher at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He holds a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry (New York University, 2006). He previously worked in the semiconductor industry on nanoparticulate inks and high-temperature nanoparticulate reactivity, specifically in solar cell manufacturing. He is currently working on modelling biomolecular systems of medical importance with the aim of identifying effective approaches to understand and cure disease. Follow us at science page.