Server software version: 24532 / 19 Jan 2013 | 9:12:00 UTC

Server status

Program Host Status
data-driven web pages rosso Running
upload/download server rosso Running
scheduler rosso Running
feeder rosso Running
transitioner rosso Running
db_purge rosso Running
gpugrid_file_deleter rosso Running
dah_validator rosso Running
sample_dummy_assimilator rosso Running
Running: Program is operating normally
Not Running: Program failed or the project is down
Disabled: Program is disabled

Computing status

Work #
Tasks ready to send 13,915
Tasks in progress 841
Workunits waiting for validation 0
Workunits waiting for assimilation 3
Workunits waiting for file deletion 1
Tasks waiting for file deletion 1
Transitioner backlog (hours) 0
Users #
with recent credit 365
with credit 752
registered in past 24 hours 1
Computers #
with recent credit 894
with credit 2,051
registered in past 24 hours 3
current 23,833
Tasks by application
application unsent in progress avg runtime of last 100 results in h (min-max) users in last 24h
test alpha. Required: Internet connection, allow in antivirus, not for XP 13,655 845 0.05 (0.01 - 0.99) 104